Moonstake Receives Grant to Integrate Decentralized ETH Staking – QNT Press Release

SINGAPORE, Nov 16, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Today, Moonstake is pleased to announce we have secured a staking pool integration grant from the DAO-governed SSV Network to integrate ETH staking on the Moonstake Wallet. Moonstake will be integrating SSV’s unique archite to bolster Ethereum decentralization and ensure Moonstake’s validator infrastructure is as robust as possible. This will enable a seamless decentralized ETH staking experience for global users, and Moonstake and SSV will also work together to promote our ecosystems through this collaboration.

The Grants Program is a community-led initiative to fund development teams building decentralized staking applications and services with the intent of promoting and accelerating development and innovation by developers building on top of the network. Proposals to the grant are evaluated on the technical design of the project, the overall quality of the team and its community, and more. Moonstake is thrilled to join the SSV Network Grants Program as a verified top 10 staking provider worldwide and soon support ETH staking.

As of 15 September 2022, Ethereum has officially become a Proof of Stake blockchain and the demand for ETH staking is higher than ever. Currently, ETH holders must have 32 ETH and build their own validator infrastructure in order to stake, which requires a high level of technical expertise and maintain a costly infrastructure. Alternatively, non-tech users could stake their ETH by relying on a custodian staking-provider service or centralized exchange. Moonstake and SSV aim to address this issue by providing users with a non-custodial ETH staking solution via Moonstake Wallet using SSV’s innovative technological infrastructure. We are proud to uphold our commitment of providing the best staking experience for users worldwide, as well as to finally take the next …

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