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– An Easy-to-Use, All-Electric Kei-Car with a Driving Range of 180 km –

TOKYO, May 23, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced that the all-new eK X EV (pronounced “eK ‘cross’ EV”), an all-electric kei-car1, will go on sale at sales affiliates nationwide and on Rakuten Ichiba2, an e-commerce marketplace, in Japan this summer.

The all-new eK X EV is priced from 2,398,000 to 2,932,600 yen (10 percent consumption tax included). It is eligible for the Subsidies for Promoting the Introduction of Clean Energy Vehicles and Infrastructure in the supplementary budget for fiscal 2021 and the Subsidies for Promoting the Introduction of Clean Energy Vehicles in fiscal 2022. Accordingly, for customers who receive a 550,000 yen subsidy, the actual purchase price3 will start from 1,848,000 yen (10 percent consumption tax included). In some areas, subsidies from local governments can also be used , making the price even more affordable.

All-New eK X EV

The eK X EV is a new electric vehicle (EV) to join the eK X series4, Mitsubishi Motors’ kei-car series with an SUV flavor, and offers a driving range sufficient for everyday use5 at an affordable price. The new model features the spacious, pleasant cabin and user-friendliness same as the eK X, a height-wagon kei-car, while also providing the smooth and powerful driving experience of EVs, a quiet and comfortable ride, and the convenience made possible by advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

At a time when a shift to electrified vehicles is required to build a carbon-neutral society, Mitsubishi Motors introduces the all-new eK X EV as an ii (ie excellent in Japanese) kei-car that embodies Mitsubishi Motors-ness – a combination of safety, security and comfort, as well as environmental-friendliness.

The all-new eK X EV offers the following main features.

Easy-to-use for everyday ride
– Driving range of 180 kilometers (km, in WLTC mode5, 6) per charge, sufficient for everyday use
– The smooth and powerful driving experience unique to EVs, quietness, and ride comfort
– A spacious and comfortable cabin achieved by optimizing the layout of the EV system

Friendly to passengers and to society
– Grip Control that provides Mitsubishi Motors’ characteristic driving experience with peace of mind
– An array of advanced driver assistance systems, including the first use of the MI-PILOT parking support system
– Connectivity that allows remote control of air conditioning and charging via an app, in addition to SOS Emergency Assistance
– Large-capacity drive battery that can serve as a storage battery to help address electricity supply and demand issues, as well as a reliable source of power

Clean design and functional features of an EV
– Clean, sophisticated styling that combines the look of an EV with that of an SUV
– Advanced 7-inch color liquid crystal display (LCD) meter with good visibility and operability, and an electric shift lever
– 9-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio (SDA) navigation system displaying EV-related information

Official product website for eK X EV (in Japanese only):

Product overview

The eK X EV is an all-new, next-generation EV model that joins the eK X series. The powerful SUV-like styling is complemented by exclusive parts and a new two-tone color with Mist Blue Pearl and Copper Metallic that gives the car a clean look, emphasizing its character as an EV. Inside, a 7-inch color LCD meter and electric shift lever are adopted to pursue functionality as an EV.

By optimizing the layout of the newly developed EV system, the eK X EV offers the same spacious and comfortable cabin as the gasoline model, as well as high steering stability and ride comfort made possible by a low center of gravity and an ideal front-rear weight distribution.

With a driving range of 180 km per charge sufficient for everyday use, the eK X EV provides the smooth, powerful acceleration and the quiet, pleasant ride that are unique to EVs. In addition, advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity reduce the burden on the driver and provide a safe, secure and comfortable driving experience.

The high-capacity drive battery is reliable in emergencies and can be used as a convenient power source for appliances via a V2L7 adapter. Moreover, with V2H8 device, it also helps alleviate problems of power supply and demand by allowing power to be used at home or to charge vehicles.

The all-new eK X EV is available in two trim levels. The fully equipped G comes with…

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