Mission Corps Institute established

Woodside, California, Newtown, Pennsylvania, and Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Today, the Mission Corps Institute, the first global contemporary capitalist think tank and research center, was established. The Mission Corps Institute was born based on the ideas and principles of best-selling books Michael Mo with Michael Carter Titled “Mission Company”.The institute is organized by Michael Mo with Michael Carter And led by the executive director Caroline is cute.

The Mission Corps Institute will announce its first researcher and will publish its first research report on the performance of mission-oriented and entrepreneur-led companies and non-mission companies. The Institute strives to be the main resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and governments seeking to establish, invest, and sponsor companies and policies that will contribute to the future development and direction of contemporary capitalism.

Michael Mo Pointed out, “The Mission Corps Institute is an idea that has come, because it helps celebrate the role of entrepreneurship and the benefits of purpose-oriented enterprises to society and the world. Entrepreneurs solve problems, and capitalism will The future can be solved by entrepreneurs. We believe that the Mission Corps Institute will become an important ally for entrepreneurs and society.”

Michael Carter He added, “At this critical moment in the history of capitalism being slandered, Michael and I want to consolidate the success of our book’s papers by creating a living organization that embodies what we want to build and show: Mission capitalism” and entrepreneurial leadership can make the world a better place. The government should hope to cultivate capitalism that fits this new paradigm. Now the era of encouraging entrepreneurs through policies has arrived. “

About the Mission Institute
Mission Corps Institute aims to help support, showcase, and provide research, data, and intelligence on contemporary capitalism. The Mission Corps Institute is derived from the principles of the best-selling book “The Mission Corporation” and strives to be a vivid embodiment of entrepreneur-led, purpose-based capitalism, supporting stakeholder development and providing information for government policies.

More information can be found at Mission Corps Institute.

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