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MiniFlokiADA, a project that has emerged on the Binance Smart Chain network, has huge ADA rewards, NFT, PLAY2EARN mini games, charity and gifts. After the CEX listing announcement and the trend on the CoinMarketCap platform rose from the top 6 to the top 3, the price quadrupled to reach a market value of US$8.9 million, a record high.

MiniFlokiADA bullish day: CEX continues to hit a new high and the price quadruples after its listing!

The project has a history of 10 days and has experienced a huge surge. When new investors joined the ADA, they also believed in this project. The project was named after Elon’s New Shiba Inu Pup, hence the name MiniFlokiADA. To this day, they have successfully acquired 7,500 token holders, which is huge for such an early project. By investing in New York City billboards, Space X (Elon Musk’s office) billboards, RichTheKid Influencer on Board, 85 Twitter Influencers, High Budget Poocoin, Dextools and BSC and other large-scale marketing activities, the project has achieved success in these early stages A lot of results scan advertisements, and there are many gifts. They also donated $10,000 to Dog Charity. New investors are still full of praise for how awesome this project is, so here are the main features of MiniFlokiADA:

ADA Treasury

ADA Vault is an ADA reward pool. From 4% buy transactions, 6% sell transactions, and 10% transfers between MFLOKIADA holders, ADA rewards are continuously filled, and then you can receive your ADA rewards every day, depending on Your MFLOKIADA amount is based on the total supply. If you hold 5% liquidity and there are 10,000 ADA in the reward pool, your reward will be 500 ADA.

The ADA Vault issued more than 80,000 ADAs in 10 days.

Reward for the top 100 holders

In addition to the daily ADA rewards you can get by holding $MFLOKIADA, if you are part of the TOP 100 ADA holders, you can also get more ADA. This pool is filled by 1.5% of buying and selling transactions.

The top 100 holder rewards have distributed more than 30,000 ADAs within 10 days.

NFT Market and Play2Earn Mini Games

Before the token was released, the first Meme token with rewards and NFT integration. MiniFlokiADA broke the ordinary Meme-Token atmosphere by going deep into the NFT market. Then, NFT will be integrated into the small game they are developing. The NFT market is also being developed for MiniFlokiADA.

MiniFlokiADA’s upcoming Minigame is a game where you can make money while enjoying a lot of fun. Their first mini game will be available on the website, IOS and Android. The Play-To-Earn game system allows you to store more on $MFLOKIADA. This mini game is a way to reach more people and spread the influence to different communities.


MiniFlokiADA is also working hard to donate to dog charities around the world, and will gradually focus on several “charity activities”. MiniFlokiADA is a community-driven project that devotes 2% of charity distribution, and all funds are used only for charity. They will hold their charity activities at the end of each month.

Within 10 days, the $10,000 charitable amount has been reached and they will continue to do so.

MiniFlokiADA route map

The MiniFlokiADA project has a bright future, and the roadmap has been carefully planned for its community. The upcoming roadmap includes:

development stage: This stage focuses more on the early stages, such as creativity, interest establishment, website and smart contract creation, and creation of all-in-one functional tokens.

Marketing and promotion phase: Once this stage is reached, in order to continue to reach historical highs, this is crucial. From Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter influencers, to ongoing Poocoin, Dextools, and BSCScan advertising, various marketing efforts should be made. World-renowned platforms such as CG&CMC listing application will also accelerate the creation of big hype.

Adoption stage: At this stage, more risks are invested in the project, and they have a large number of investors queuing to invest funds in the project. More CEX listings will come from here, and Minigames and NFT integration will have a good release.

Cooperation stage: This will be the final stage and the endgame, which will mark a new beginning for the qualified tokens that MiniFlokiADA swept the crypto market with a storm. More platform bridges will be released, Swap launched, and 3road Charity activities to increase brand exposure and goals for dogs in need.

MiniFlokiADA IPHONE 13 Weekly Raffles Reward

This project gives out 3 iPhone 13s every week! It is equivalent to how much they have invested in the project, and anyone who meets the requirements can win.

Three winners have been selected and we are looking forward to another round of sweepstakes.

$MFLOKIADA token sale

Supported by its BEP20 $MFLOKIADA, it can be purchased on PancakeSwap after launch, followed by Uniswap. There is a total of $1 trillion in MFLOKIADA, and great token economics involving ADA rewards. With a unique tax system, developers ensure that taxes are used for marketing and charity wallets.

MiniFlokiADA will be a project that changes the way Meme-Token rolls, with huge built-in functions, and great things are coming soon. Prepare for the best project in the crypto space of all-in-one functional tokens.

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