Lonely Planet’s Expert Predictions for the Coming Year Celebrate the World’s Top Places for Food, Unwinding, Connection, Journeys, and Learning

Fast-Changing Jamaica, Resurgent Sydney, Eating in Lima, and the Renaissance City of Manchester, UK All Included in 2023 Hot-List

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global travel authority Lonely Planet has today unveiled its top destinations to visit next year with the release of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023.

Lonely Planet’s annual marquee moment celebrates its expert predictions for where to go in the year ahead. Best in Travel 2023 is Lonely Planet’s 18th annual collection, featuring 30 must-visit destinations around the globe.

As part of its larger ambition to deliver an engaging product that solves proactive travel planning needs through personalized, local-led guidance, Lonely Planet has reimagined Best In Travel for 2023. This year’s list centers expert local perspectives at the heart of each destination, and is sorted by the type of trip best had there: eat, journey, connect, learn and unwind. This shift in the list’s organization signals Lonely Planet’s reinvigorated dedication to aiding travelers in navigating the world in the ways most meaningful to them.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023 offers a comprehensive set of itineraries aimed at helping travelers to explore the world — while following along with some seriously knowledgeable locally-based experts along the way.

The eat category features Peru’s capital Lima alongside chef Ricardo Martinsaffordable world class dining in South Africa and the dining scene around Umbria, Italyamong others.

Intrepid journeys include the reinstated night train between Istanbul and Sofia, Bulgaria and a…

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