KYOCERA Introduces New Human Augmentation Technology Prototypes in Japan with Advanced AI to Enhance Human Abilities – QNT Press Release

Company introduces first 3 Human Augmentation solutions: Walk Sensing and Coaching, Physical Avatar, and Auditory Augmentation Devices

Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereinafter “Kyocera”) (TYO:6971) has announced the development of three new solution prototypes in Japan for human augmentation: a Walk Sensing and Coaching Systema Physical Avatarand an Auditory Augmentation Device. All three solutions are based on the concept Mai created by Kyocera’s Future Design Laboratory. Human augmentation uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to enable new experiences and skills by complementing and improving human abilities. The systems are meant to enhance human perception, cognition, and motor skills as well as improve human presence and interaction. Kyocera’s technology is expected to benefit multiple fields, from the healthcare and medical sectors to entertainment and manufacturing.

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Mai Logo (Graphic: Business Wire)

Introducing Mai, Kyocera’s New Human Augmentation Concept

The Future Design Laboratory of Kyocera’s R&D division launched the new Mai concept for human augmentation. The laboratory’s mission is to “Contribute to a safer and more prosperous life with technology that supports and enhances human abilities.” Mai symbolizes how this technology creates possibilities for new human experiences. It may be compared to how a story develops dynamically in the context of subtle action in “Noh” theater, the traditional Japanese art form that relies heavily on similes and metaphors expressed through movement.

First Three Solution Prototypes…

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