is not another meme token, a cross-chain multi-collateral and spot trading platform on the Binance Smart Chain – QNT Press Release


Singapore, December 18, 2021 (Global News Service)-(Adopted Blockchain line) The automated market maker trading market itself is a huge industry that spans different encryption networks. Almost all blockchains hold transactions in some way to promote their user base. Like all other major blockchains, Binance Smart Chain also has many exchanges on the platform, which is of course due to its higher transaction throughput and speed.

Kikswap’s competitors on the Binance Smart Chain include pantherswap, pancakeswap, panda swap, jetswap, etc.

Technical specifications

A liquidity pool is a smart contract that holds a reserve of two or more tokens and allows anyone to deposit or withdraw funds only according to very specific rules.

One such rule is the constant product expression x * y = k. Among them, x and y are the spare tokens of A and B respectively. To withdraw a certain amount from A, you need to deposit a certain percentage of the amount from B to maintain a certain value of k before the cost.

Multi-chain pledge

Kikswap is the first multi-chain mortgage protocol linked to meme tokens. With the help of multi-chain technology on the network, its community members will be able to mortgage any meme tokens on the kikswap mortgage pool. it…

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