Keio University research: Genetics and COVID-19: New protein-link revealed for Japanese population – QNT Press Release

TOKYO, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a study published recently in the journal Natureresearchers from Keio University and colleagues identify genes involved in the development of severe COVID-19 in the younger Japanese population.

Genes play a key role in the development and progression of infectious diseases. While studies have identified high-risk genes for COVID-19 in Europeans, there is limited genetic data for the Japanese population. Now, an inter-Japan research collaboration has provided critical insights based on detailed genetic analysis. Koichi Fukunaga from Keio University and his colleagues show that a gene important for immune function is involved in severe COVID-19, especially in the younger Japanese population.

For their investigation, the researchers compared the genomes of 2,393 patients who suffered from COVID-19 with that of 3,289 healthy individuals. All COVID-19 patients had been hospitalized while infected and 990 of them had been afflicted by a severe form of the disease.

The researchers identified seven genes showing prominent differences between the two groups, of which six were more prevalent in younger patients (less than 65 years old) and in the more severe …

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