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After receiving a master’s degree in public administration from Texas State University, Jesse Ancira III worked as a policy analyst and legislative liaison in the public sector, and then applied his expertise to the cannabis/marijuana and consumer goods industries.

In 2020, while serving as the CMO of Ancira Salsa, he also founded his own consulting agency to help business owners eliminate noise, overcome “analysis paralysis”, and implement smart and actionable marketing strategies for their brands.

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Tell us about fertility counseling.

“The name Fecundity is related to results,” Ancira said. “It means to nurture ideas in the market.” He explained that this consulting company helps entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers grow their businesses through scalable marketing strategies.

Fecundity will be launched in January 2022 and is building a curriculum module that combines the consulting process with actionable education. “The course will have submissions, reviews and feedback,” he said. This module is provided with consulting services and will provide customers with touch points. “The purpose of the plan is to help marketers prepare for scale-up,” he explained.

It includes nine introductory courses covering organic Facebook strategy, native marketing, event marketing strategy, website strategy, sponsorship strategy, SMS affiliate marketing, and Jesse’s favorite topics: digital and physical product design, packaging, and labeling.

“When customers are ready to talk to big buyers, big brokers, big distributors, they don’t want to be caught off guard,” Ancira said when asked about the value proposition of the module, explaining that it prepares customers to actually sell them The scale of the product.

Tell us about Anse La Salsa.

In the late 1990s, Ancira’s family began to sell his grandparents’ salsa at the local trade show and farmers market in Tyler, Texas. It was just a hobby. Salsa has sauces, so to speak, and has won numerous awards along the way. In recent years, Ancira’s father established a formal limited liability company and invited Jesse to lead its marketing efforts. Since its launch in 2019, the brand has no website, no Facebook page and no Internet presence, and now has 20 stores, thanks to positive customer reviews and good old-fashioned hard work. Once the family can no longer meet the demand, they will scale up to meet the demand with co-packers, and eventually establish a fulfillment center in Austin.

As Ancira explained, when people order products from a retailer’s website, these orders are usually processed by the warehouse fulfillment team and the products are then sent to the customer. Ancira Salsa uses distribution centers to help it continue to grow as demand increases, and in the near future, the brand’s goal is to expand its list of stockists to include large chain stores near you.

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