Israeli President Rivlin delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the AJC Global Forum

Jerusalem, June 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The 2021 American Jewish Committee (AJC) Virtual Global Forum opens today with a speech by the President of Israel Ruben Rivlin, And his seven-year term ends in July.

“For many years, AJC, as an advocate for the Jewish people, has been fighting anti-Semitism, BDS and supporting Iseral’s Fight against terrorism,” Rivlin said. He thanked AJC for “the work done to promote relations and relations between Muslims and Jews.” Israel And Arab countries, and everything you do Israel And Jews. “

Rivlin spoke to thousands of global audiences participating in the AJC Virtual Global Forum, talking about the rise of anti-Semitism and defamation attacks Israel, We-Israel Relationship and the challenge of building a cohesive Israeli society.

“We hope that world leaders will show zero tolerance for all forms of anti-Semitism, hatred and racism, and use all the tools they can use, from personal safety to law enforcement, education and adoption of IHRA definitions to combat those threats,” Rivlin said.He expressed his appreciation for a named leader, the president Joe BidenBecause he condemned anti-Semitism.

United States Has always been our closest ally, based on shared values,” Rivlin said. “The unique relationship between our two countries has always been based on open discussion, transparency, and real-time coordination. “

For Rivlin, as dangerous as the sharp rise in anti-Semitism is the spread of anti-Semitism.Israel defamation.

“The criticism of Israeli policy is legitimate, but it should be based on knowledge, not based on ignorance,” Rivlin emphasized. “We must maintain the ability to understand the local situation Israel In your own way, instead of falling into the trap of using concepts from other backgrounds and countries. “

Expressed hope to end the 11-day ceasefire initiated by Hamas Israel Will be held, the President announced ” State of Israel All necessary measures will be taken to ensure that our citizens can live in peace and security. ”

He also talked about the violence between Arabs and Jews in Israel that broke out during the conflict last month and its impact.

“I have established partnerships and collaborations with all communities Israel One of my main goals as president,” said Rivlin, who has been speaking outright about the division of Israeli society into four tribes since 2015—secular Jews, religious Jews, ultra-orthodox (Haredi) Jews, and Arabs.

“We must always remember that we are not destined to live together. We are destined to live together, and we must embark on the path of understanding and cooperation together,” he said at the AJC Virtual Global Forum.

in June 2018, Rivlin is in Jerusalem, The AJC Council was held on the eve of the AJC Global Forum, which was held for the first time that year Israel“It is a pleasure to receive the AJC delegation, I am very grateful to the Unity delegation for coming here Israel During the last conflict (May),” he said.

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