India’s most advanced and largest IVF clinic group, Indira IVF, will offer all Artificial patients Intelligence technology to improve pregnancy outcomes – QNT Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The largest and most advanced IVF clinic group in IndiaIndira IVF, will be rolling out the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology across their 100+ clinics in India in November 2022. This AI technology, called Life Whisperer, has been tested in a number of international clinical studies and has been shown to help patients get pregnant sooner and more affordably. Life Whisperer analyzes images of patient embryos to assess their quality, supporting the embryologist in selecting the embryos most likely to lead to a successful outcome.

Life Whisperer, a product of AI healthcare company Presagen, uses AI to assess two embryo quality metrics. Life Whisperer Viability assesses how likely an embryo is to lead to a pregnancy, and Life Whisperer Genetics non-invasively assesses embryo genetic integrity. Life Whisperer is currently authorized for sale in over 40 countries worldwide, with India as a key market. Life Whisperer is backed by extensive scientific evidence, clinical …

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