IDEMIA launches its first bank card and enters the Japanese payment card industry


IDEMIA complies with JIS2 standards and supplies contactless cards to major domestic card issuers and Japanese financial technology issuers

As a global leader in identity enhancement, payment card issuance, and payment solutions, IDEMIA (Japan Office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Sales Vice President: Nezu Nobuyoshi) today announced that it will provide financial institutions with dual-interface credit cards that comply with JIS2 standards in Japan And passed the certification of Visa, JCB and other brand programs. These cards are embedded with JIS2 standard-embedded surface magnetic stripe on the card to provide end users with enhanced security and contactless payment services.

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IDEMIA has delivered the contactless dual interface card to UPSIDER, Inc and other financial technology issuers, as well as major issuers such as Toyota Financial Corporation of Japan for rapid expansion and scale.

“We are proud to provide our first contactless card that complies with JIS2 standards. We are also proud to work with major Japanese issuers and fintech issuers to meet the changing needs of Japanese consumers. With its The global footprint and IDEMIA have payment expertise that can well support market development and fast-growing financial technology needs. We will continue to enhance the security and contactless functions of payment cards used by financial institutions around the world,” Said Mr. Nezu Nobuyoshi, Vice President of IDEMIA Japan Sales.

Japanese card issuers can also integrate IDEMIA’s contactless cards with IDEMIA’s smart digital solution portfolio, such as smart PIN to obtain their card PIN through digital channels or smart instant issuance to deliver their cards immediately in branches or stores. Consumers can also benefit from IDEMIA Connect by simply tapping the card on the phone to simplify the card activation experience.

IDEMIA has also developed and expanded global products for financial institutions, such as GREENPAY, an end-to-end sustainable investment portfolio for financial institutions, and a fintech accelerator program that supports fintech and new banks to rapidly deploy innovative cards and digital payment solutions all around the world. .


IDEMIA is a global leader in the field of enhanced identity, and it provides a trustworthy environment where citizens and consumers can perform daily critical activities (such as payments, connections, and travel) in physical and digital spaces. In the world we live in today, protecting our identity has become a critical task. By representing enhanced identity, an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, we have reshaped the way we think about, produce, use and protect one of our most important assets-we Identity-whether it is for individuals or objects, whenever and wherever, security is very important. We provide enhanced identities to international clients from the fields of finance, telecommunications, identity, public safety, and the Internet of Things. IDEMIA has nearly 15,000 employees worldwide, serving customers in 180 countries.

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