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DUBAIUAE, Oct. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The US dollar and the Euro are finally neck-to-neck, for the first time in 20 years.

The weakened Euro offers great investment opportunities in Europe. June alone recorded the highest figures with over 78 million Euros worth of investments in the Portugal Golden Visa program, a first since 2020.

As the popular nation draws more investors, all of Portugal is booming and in this blog we go over what makes it one of the most progressive real estate destinations in the world.

Top eco-friendly destination

In the 12th century, Portugal set one of the oldest environmental legislations in the world to protect its Cork forests, the country’s rich heritage. In the 21st century, it prioritised sustainability through housing, recycling, and renewable energy, making it a leader in environmentalism in the European Union and the number 1 Eco-Travel destination of 2019, according to the editors of “Blue & Green Tomorrow.”

Conscious citizens with a passion for recycling and awareness of climate change demonstrate Portugal’s dedication to sustainable living. A survey by the European Investment Bank that explored people’s perceptions of climate change in 2021 showed that 91% of Portuguese people are willing to use low-polluting trains as a substitute for short-distance flights. While there is pressure from the government to reduce the carbon footprint, more than 80% of the Portuguese population agrees with the government’s stricter policies for energy-efficient properties, a percentage higher than the European Union average.

The future of real estate emphasizes sustainability, as an increasing number of investors are hunting for sustainable properties. Based on statistics from the “World Green Building Council,” approximately 40% …

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