Healthcare Informatics Market Tremendous Growth Opportunities Analysis with Forecast to 2031 | TMR Study – QNT Press Release

  • Focus of companies on AI-enabled platforms to contribute toward innovative solutions in cancer care underscores growth
  • Need for patient-reported outcomes for critical decision making for patients of autoimmune conditions stokes demand

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Demand for healthcare informatics pivots on its significance to improve coordination in the healthcare industry. Healthcare informatics platforms help patients keep track of their health, while doctors have record of their patients on the fingertips. This demonstrates prospects of rapid increase in demand for mobile apps, which empowers patients for electronic access to their health history. The healthcare informatics market size is projected to exceed US$ 100 Bn by 2031.

Biomedical and healthcare informatics played a critical role in system response during COVID-19. The pandemic prompted a race for timely data to be used to benefit people. In this scenario, firms in the healthcare informatics market offered solutions to assist healthcare stakeholders with data governance and health decision making, thereby capitalizing on the opportunity.

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Market analysis of healthcare informatics reveals key role of vendors to create awareness to address security challenges. Vendors are educating hospitals for frequent change of password, and fill gaps in security of hospital systems to protect patient data.

Mounting pressure on healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes at low cost is compelling adoption of technology-based solutions. Healthcare informatics companies are stepping in to regulate practices, improve consistency in diagnosis, and deliver high quality patient care. Healthcare informatics enables healthcare professionals to connect disparate clinical systems, resulting in fast decision making based on available data.

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Healthcare Informatics Market – Key findings of the Report

  • Significance of healthcare informatics in the early intervention, and delay the progression of chronic kidney disease is driving potential revenues in the healthcare informatics market
  • Oncology is anticipated to hold the leading share among all applications in the healthcare informatics market during the forecast period. Vast pool of healthcare informatics data that provides unique clinical insights can contribute toward innovative solutions in cancer care. Healthcare informatics companies are leveraging insights obtained from this data, and are increasing research in precision medicine for personalized patient care.
  • Significance of patient-centered outcomes…

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