Griffon Corporation Urges Shareholders to Vote WHITE Card Ahead of Annual Meeting – QNT Press Release


  • Highly qualified Board and Griffon nominees represent best interests of Griffon shareholders

  • Vote TODAY via internet or by phone – Annual Meeting on February 17, 2022 at 10:00 am ET

  • Every Vote Counts: Shareholders should vote the WHITE owned card no matter how many shares owned card

The Board of Directors of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF) urges shareholders to protect the future of the Company and the value of their investment by voting the WHITE proxy card “FOR” all four of the Company’s highly qualified director nominees and the other items of business outlined in Griffon’s proxy.

The Company responded to Voss Capital’s press release from February 14, 2022 with the following statement:

“Griffon has read Charles Diao’s biography, but has Voss Capital? Voss’ proxy touts Mr. Diao as ‘currently serv[ing] as Managing Director of Diao & Co. LLC (“DiaoCo”), a provider of advisory services’. However, DiaoCo is inactive having failed to pay its franchise tax and it has no listed phone number. Why has Voss misrepresented what Mr. Diao is doing for a living?”

The Company continued, “Charles Diao is on the Board of Directors of a vaping and tobacco products company. The policies of Griffon’s businesses generally prohibit the use of tobacco on company premises, and our businesses generally cover the cost of programs to help tobacco users quit smoking. How will Mr. Diao reconcile his commitment to vaping and tobacco use with Griffon’s commitment to worker health and safety?”

Today, Griffon is filing an Updated Summary Investor Presentation ( highlighting that it has successfully repositioned the Company, continued to improve performance, and delivered strong total shareholder returns, outperforming both peers and the indices in the last year and three years. The Company has a proven track record of driving margin improvement with its strategic initiatives and creating a balanced portfolio of high-quality brands through successful M&A and integration. Griffon’s businesses promote the Company’s ESG goals and Griffon took several significant actions during the global COVID-19 pandemic to protect employees.

As outlined in the new slides, Griffon created value, generating significant margin improvement and cash flow generation at Clopay and is enhancing growth and profitability at AMES. The acquisition of Hunter Fan Company has been well received by the analyst and investment communities, and will further accelerate positive momentum at Griffon.

The Board encourages all shareholders to protect their investment and vote the WHITE card for growth, regardless of how many shares they hold. To ensure your vote is counted, vote your WHITE proxy card or voter authorization form electronically by 11:59 pm ET on February 16, 2022.

The Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on February 17, 2022 at 10:00 am, ET at the offices of Dechert LLP, located at 1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036. The proxy statement, investor presentation, additional slides, and other important information related to the Annual Meeting can be found at

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