Gold Standard Ventures Announces Voting Results of Annual General Meeting

Vancouver, British Columbia, June 9, 2021 (Global News Service) – Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (NYSE stock code:GSV) (Toronto Stock Exchange:GSV) (“Gold Standard” or “Company”) today announced the voting results for the election of the board of directors at the annual general meeting to be held on June 9, 2021.

The director nominees listed in the management information on April 28, 2021 will be selected as directors of the company at the meeting to serve in the next general meeting of shareholders. In addition, the appointment of auditors was approved. The results are as follows:

The total number of qualified votes: 357,476,205; The total number of votes: 237,305,429; The percentage of total votes: 66.38%

Nominees in order to in order to% Oppose /
Oppose /
Number of directors 201,542,961 99.35% 1,326,522 0.65%
Jason Art 201,423,600 99.29% 1,445,883 0.71%
D. Bruce McLeod 201,330,445 99.24% 1,539,038 0.76%
Lisa Wade 201,307,001 99.23% 1,562,482 0.77%
Cassandra Joseph 201,305,229 99.23% 1,564,254 0.77%
William E Strykerd 201,310,756 99.23% 1,558,727 0.77%
Alex Morrison 201,311,576 99.23% 1,557,907 0.77%
Zara Bolt 201,127,740 99.14% 1,741,743 0.86%
Ron Clayton 199,879,968 98.53% 2,989,515 1.47%
John Armstrong 201,322,100 99.24% 1,547,383 0.76%
Appointment of auditors 236,625,723 99.71% 679,706 0.29%

President and CEO Jason Attew commented: “On behalf of the board and management, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob McLeod and Jamie Strauss as directors of Gold Standard for their guidance and support over the years. We hope that they will be the best in future efforts. .

We are happy to welcome Lisa Wade, Cassandra Joseph and John Armstrong to our board of directors. Their combination of expertise and skills will help Gold Standard achieve its goal of becoming the preferred low-cost primary producer in Nevada. “

The voting result has been announced

About the gold standard

Gold Standard is developing the Southern Railway Project, an open-air heap leaching gold project in Elko County, Nevada. The project is part of a 21,000 hectare land package on Carlin Trend and is 100% owned or controlled by Gold Standard. The company’s goal is to become the preferred low-cost primary producer in Nevada, which is one of the major mining jurisdictions in the world.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Macdonald
Vice President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations
Phone: 1-604-687-2766
e-mail: [email protected]

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