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Dublin, December 8, 2021 (Global News Service) – “Plant extracts divided by source (spices, fruits, herbs, flowers, roots, tea), form (powder, semi-solid), application (food {bakery and confectionery}, beverage {alcoholic beverage}, pharmacy) and geography Markets-Global Forecast to 2028” Report has been added to supply.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the plant extract market in five major regions, and highlights current market trends, market size, market share, recent developments, and forecasts to 2028. The global plant extract market is expected to reach 10.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2028. In 2028, the compound annual growth rate during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028 is 9.2%.

The growth of the plant extract market is mainly due to the increase in health and wellness trends, the consumption of natural health products, the growing demand for convenience foods, the increasing awareness of herbal products over synthetic products, and the growing awareness of plant extracts. The demand continues to increase. Food and other applications. In addition, with changes in consumption trends and increased investment in emerging economies, the emergence of new application areas is expected to provide profitable opportunities during the forecast period. However, the supply of alternative products is expected to hinder the growth of this market to a certain extent.

The study conducted a comprehensive analysis of the various sources, forms, applications and technologies of the global plant extract market. The global plant extract market is segmented according to source (spices, fruits, herbs, flowers, roots, tea, etc.), form (liquid, powder and semi-solid), application (food, beverage, cosmetics and personal care), pharmaceuticals, etc.) , Technology (water extraction, cold pressing, steam distillation, enfleurage, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction, etc.) and geography.

According to the source, tea is expected to witness the rapid growth of the global plant extract market during the period 2021-2028. The rapid growth of this market segment is mainly due to the increase in the consumption of high-quality food; the increase in the popularity of functional foods; the innovative application of tea flavors in bakery and confectionery products, frozen desserts, dairy products and other foods; the Asia-Pacific region’s use of tea extracts The demand is constantly increasing. In addition, the innovative application of green tea extracts in cosmetics has also expanded market growth opportunities.

From a geographical point of view, it is estimated that the Asia-Pacific region will witness the rapid growth of the global plant extract market during the forecast period of 2021-2028. …

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