Global COVID-19 Diagnostics Market Forecasts, 2022-2027: Time to Market and Preparedness Issues – QNT Press Release

DUBLIN, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The “Global COVID-19 Diagnostics Market Forecast by Technology, Product, Channel and Country: Assay Volumes and 5-Year Market Size Outlook” report has been added to’s offering.

Revenue, testing volumes, technology, products and channels – they are all looked at in this complete report that provides detailed breakdowns by country and regions. Get on top of the situation quickly with market guides and situation analysis.

A new dynamic market is emerging for COVID-19-based diagnostics. Testing is moving into physicians’ offices and even into the home.

Saliva tests? Handheld multiplex testers? Home based testing sticks? And what about the workplace market where safety is paramount? And what happens to the large laboratory capacity that was built up to handle a pandemic now in decline? Learn all about these changing markets in our latest report.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 COVID-19. Strategic Situation Analysis
1.2 COVID-19. Guidance for Executives
1.3 COVID-19. Guidance for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What are Pandemics?
2.2 The Role of Zoonosis
2.3 Market Definition
2.3.1 Assay Volumes
2.3.2 PCR
2.3.3 PCR Multiplex
2.3.4 SEQ
2.3.5 Antigen
2.3.6 Antibodies
2.3.7 Instruments
2.3.8 Reagents and Kits
2.3.9 Extract
2.3.10 Collect
2.3.11 Public
2.3.12 Hospital
2.3.13 Clinic
2.3.14 Workplace
2.3.15 DTC/OTC
2.3.16 Wastewater
2.4 Methodology
2.4.1 Authors
2.4.2 Sources
2.5 Historical Perspective on Pandemics
2.5.1 HIV/AIDS Pandemic 2005-2012
2.5.2 Flu Pandemic 1968
2.5.3 Asian Flu 1956-1958
2.5.4 Spanish Flu 1918
2.5.5 Sixth Cholera Pandemic 1910-1911
2.5.6 Flu Pandemic 1889-1890
2.5.7 The Black Death 1346-1353

3 The Pandemic Overview
3.1 What is a Virus?
3.1.1 Is a Virus Alive?
3.1.2 Viral Structure
3.1.3 The Viral Genome

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