GFlow Neural Networks To Help Accelerate Molecules And Candidates Generation, Experts Say – QNT Press Release

Recently, a discussion between several top AI minds of the world and Vietnam: professor Yoshua Bengio (Mila Quebec AI Institute), professor Ho Tu Bao (VIASM), Dr. Truong Gia Binh and Dr. Phong Nguyen (FPT Corporation), explored the usage of machine learning to transform the way we make new drugs and approached ethical AI.

The demand to find new ways to combat disease is rising by the day. Humanity is always at risk of a new pandemic, and the mutation of viruses creates resistance to antibiotics. According to experts, it has caused both high fatalities and economic value losses. “There’s already 1.2 million deaths per year, and it’s going to grow to 10 million deaths per year,” said Professor Yoshua Bengio (Mila Quebec AI Institute). “Economic costs are also rising, and it’s projected to be 100 trillion US dollars by 2050.

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Tech Innovators #11 reunited Prof. Yoshua Bengio with Dr. Truong Gia Binh and Dr. Phong Nguyen. Prof. Ho Tu Bao, Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha (Chairwoman, FPT Software) joined the event. (Photo: Business Wire)

To combat this, prof. Bengio has been looking into utilizing Generative Flow Networks, or GFlow Nets – his team’s ML technique for generating compositional objects at a frequency proportional to the associated reward – to discover new drug molecules and generate candidates. These we published in 3 recent papers at renowned AI conferences.

According to prof. Bengio, one of the greatest areas of growth is at the intersection of AI and biotechnology for the next decade, thanks to its ability to reprogram the …

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