Gachyi Land is the first MMORPG Gacha-Launchpad that can be earned as you play, and its NFT Drop debuts – QNT Press Release

Sydney, Australia, November 9th, 2021 (Global News Agency)-It turns out that the meta festival of blockchain games is not just a buzzword for gamers. Gachidi, The first gacha-launchpad ecosystem is for its first NFT release, which is scheduled to debut on November 22, 2021.

This launch opened up the runway for Gachyi Land because they let the ball roll A series of other launches on the Gachyi launch padWhen the founding partner of Jiaqi Paradise commented on the significance of this event, Harry Zapino Expressed his excitement:

“Life is too short to be enslaved by tasks you despise. Unfortunately, this is our current social structure. The digital world is our future. Let us make it interesting, make it colorful, and let We provide them with real-world value and people who want to interact with!”

is called Cuckoo series, The first NFT series launched in Gachyi Land will showcase generated artworks with different characteristics, including body, eyes, mouth, accessories, background and clouds. Certain unusual and rare characteristics may give their owners special privileges.

The series found a foothold in the folklore before the goddess Gachyi was completely fossilized. According to Gachyi Land Lore, she created Goo Goos and made sure to pass on all her wisdom to guide them through RPG (role playing…

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