Functional Fluidics’ Red Blood Cell Biomarkers May Prove to be Effective Surrogate Endpoints for Sickle Cell Disease Severity – QNT Press Release


DETROIT, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Functional Fluidics ( officially announced the publication of its two-year studydemonstrating that its red blood cell (RBC) health biomarkers can identify individuals with sickle cell disease at greatest risk for more severe outcomes. Further research is needed to determine the clinical value of stratifying patients according to these RBC health biomarkers. Assessing RBC health could help healthcare providers identify patients at risk for severe disease outcomes so that they can intervene earlier. Functional Fluidics is a diagnostics company striving to be the gold standard for red blood cell health.

“In the absence of blood-based surrogate endpoints, people living with sickle cell disease have had to suffer excruciating pain crises and organ damage to alert healthcare providers that they are in need of treatment,” said Patrick HinesCEO and Founder of Functional Fluidics. “Our latest research indicates that one of our clinically available red blood cell health tests called Flow Adhesion of Whole Blood to VCAM (FA-WB-VCAM) may be a plausible surrogate endpoint for SCD severity. The bottom line is this: we have the tools to keep red blood cells healthy so people with sickle cell disease don’t have to suffer. I am …

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