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NINGDE, China, May 28, 2021 / PRNewswire /- This is a news report from China Daily:

The “Date with China” international media delegation visited a fishing village on Wednesday. The village is named Xipi and is located in Ningde City. Southeast China Fujian province.Like many other villages of the same type China, The fishermen here catch, collect and process marine life. However, its story is not typical, at least not if you go back eight years ago.

In 2013, 137 households moved from houseboats to shore resettlement. This last migration means that all the boat people in the village have bid farewell to the floating life some of them have been living in since their birth.

Xipi Village is one of the largest resettlement communities for boat people in the east. Fujian. It has jurisdiction over 8 sub-villages, with a total of 632 households with 2,716 people. The people here mainly live by cultivating oysters, octopus, yellow croaker and other seafood. But they are not just engaged in aquaculture; they process products locally, attract investment and create jobs.

In 2020, the per capita net income of villagers will exceed 23,000 yuan, Enjoying the reputation of “the most beautiful fishing village in the country” is an outstanding change in their past life on board.

Lin Xiangmei, 68, was one of the last boat crew members to go ashore in 2013. When the media team came to talk to her, she was peeling oysters with other workers. “My three daughters have their own families. I occasionally work here to earn pocket money, but it also reminds me of my time fishing on the water. Life is much better now than in those days,” Lin Say.

Traditionally, boat people live on small wooden boats and barely make ends meet by fishing in coastal waters.As Robert Nani Said, “It’s hard to believe that five or six people live on a boat like this.” Nani is a Ghanaian internet celebrity who has been living in China 12 years. He must board a boat and experience what it’s like to be a boat citizen. “If they encounter a weather disaster, it will be unthinkable,” he added.

Since the 1950s, the first group of boat people began to move to land according to government plans and built the first batch of houses for them. Since then, a real fishing village has been formed.

“It’s really impressive to come here to see the transformation that happened… Their museum is small. Through the pictures and stories in the exhibits, we can see a long-term process,” China Daily reporter Anthony Perry Say. “They must have gone through tough times. Now their lives are much better. It’s great to see this,” he said.

Since 1997, the higher-level party committee and government have attached great importance to helping the fishermen of Xipi village to come ashore and resettle. Many party members provide assistance in the village, especially to poor households.

Perry said: “China announced that the way to eradicate absolute poverty was eliminated at the end of last year-this is a remarkable achievement. No country can help so many people in this way.”

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