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Vascular Perfusion Solutions Receives First Donated Human Heart for research

Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc. (VPS) has received its first donated human heart for research through a partnership with Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA). VPS is the creator of the VP.S Encore™ device, a groundbreaking, self-contained transport device that uses oxygen to preserve vascularized tissue.

In a breakthrough experiment with the donated heart, VPS successfully achieved a preservation time of eight hours in its VP.S Encore™ device. More telling, the total out-of-body time during the experiment was 11 hours. This included one-hour of cold ischemia plus 8 hours of perfusion and two hours of reperfusion testing for cardiac viability and function. This contrasts with the current standard of care in organ transplantation where hearts remain viable for only four to six hours.

“We sincerely thank the donor, their family and TOSA for their immense generosity and support of our research,” said Tom DeBrooke, Chairman of the Board at VPS. “This selfless act by the donor and their family moves us closer than ever before to bringing our device to patients around the world, and saving more organs and lives.”


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