From Crescent to Full Moon: MoonXBT Marks One-year Anniversary with Diverse Products and Bigger Vision – QNT Press Release

SINGAPORE, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The crypto market nowadays poses great challenges to new exchanges with its fast changing situation and more sophisticated users. Regardless, MoonXBT still survived and thrived after a year’s growth. The Innovative social trading platform has grown from a derivative oriented exchange to one with multiple products such as spot trading, options and OTC. It has also deepened its social trading features with industry leading copy trading functions and other products such as trading battle and forums. At the time of its one year anniversary, the platform is ready to serve more users with a full-fledged product line and a bigger vision of ecosystem.

“MoonXBT’s rapid development is a testament to the industry that the key to the growth of a new exchange is innovation. One year after its founding, MoonXBT has delivered innovations from multiple dimensions: products diversity, social trading features and now vision aimed at an ecosystem which encompasses some of the latest movements in the crypto space. Perhaps most importantly, along with the progress of MoonXBT, it has drawn users from all over the world to have formed an international community,” says George LeeCOO of MoonXBT.

One year is short yet also long. It takes a year for a new-born baby to start walking. For MoonXBT, the first year is also the time for it to shape what it is and find its …

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