From 2021 to 2028, the global DNA sequencing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of


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After a detailed analysis of the global DNA sequencing market, the publisher proposed that in the forecast year from 2021 to 2028, the industry may show an upward trend, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.62% in terms of revenue.

Companies mentioned

  • Adaptive Biotech

  • Agilent Technologies

  • Asura Root

  • BGI

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc

  • Integrated Dna Technologies Inc

  • Continental Science

  • F Hoffmann-La Roche

  • Illumina

  • Merck

  • California Pacific Biosciences

  • Perkinel

  • Siemens Healthineers AG

  • Helix Genetics Corporation

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

The increase in cancer prevalence in the past few years is the main driving force for the development of this market. In addition, technological advancements and the increasing application of DNA sequencing in animal and plant reproduction are helping this market grow further. However, DNA sequencing technology has certain limitations in diagnostic testing. This has largely hindered the growth of the market.

In addition, the lack of skilled professionals in developing economies further hinders the growth process. However, on the bright side, the research and development space for DNA sequencing is huge. In addition, a significant increase in genome mapping programs has also been observed. These factors are creating opportunities for market progress.

Regional outlook

The global markets for DNA sequencing include North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Europe.

It is estimated that the market in the Asia-Pacific region will grow the fastest on a global scale during the projected period. The region includes some of the world’s major developing and developed economies, such as South Korea, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand, and China. Due to the large number of applications of this technology (such as agriculture and animal breeding) and other factors, the Asia-Pacific region is a very prominent market for DNA sequencing. The agricultural sector has made significant contributions to the economic growth of countries such as India, China, and South Korea. These factors have promoted the growth of the Asia-Pacific market.

Key topics covered:

1. Global DNA Sequencing Market-Summary

2. Industry Outlook

2.1. The impact of COVID-19 on the DNA sequencing market

2.2. Important insights

2.2.1. Application of liquid biopsy

2.2.2. Emerging developing economies

2.2.3. Development of personalized medicine and biomarker discovery

2.2.4. Next Generation Sequencing

2.3. Porter’s Five Forces Model

2.3.1. Threat of new entrants

2.3.2. The threat of alternative products

2.3.3. Bargaining power of buyers

2.3.4. Bargaining power of suppliers

2.3.5. Competitive Showdown

2.4. Industry Components

2.5. Key impact analysis

2.6. Market Attractiveness Index

2.7. Supplier Scorecard

2.8. Main market strategies

2.8.1. Contracts and partnerships

2.8.2. Business expansion, announcements and divestitures

2.8.3. Acquisitions and mergers

2.8.4. New product release

2.9. Market Drivers

2.9.1. Prevalence of cancer cases

2.9.2. Technological progress

2.9.3. Application of DNA sequencing in animal and plant reproduction

2.10. Market restrictions

2.10.1. Challenges related to DNA sequencing technology in bioinformatics

2.10.2. Lack of skilled professionals in emerging economies

2.10.3. Limitations of DNA sequencing technology in diagnostic testing

2.11. Market Opportunities

2.11.1. Extensive research and development of DNA sequencing

2.11.2. Growth of the Genome Atlas Project

3. Global DNA Sequencing Market-By Product

3.1. Instruments and consumables

3.1.1. Types of instruments and consumables Consumables Instruments

3.1.2. Instruments and Consumables Platform NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) RNA sequencing Targeted resequencing Whole Exome Sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Chip sequencing Sequencing again Methyl sequencing Sanger

3.2. Sequencing Service

3.3. Bioinformatics

4. Global DNA Sequencing Market-By Technology

5. Global DNA Sequencing Market-By Application

6. Global DNA Sequencing Market-By Industry Vertical

7. Global DNA Sequencing Market-Regional Outlook

8. Competitive landscape

8.1. Adaptive Biotechnology Company

8.2. Agilent Technologies

8.3. Asura Root Company

8.4. BGI Gene

8.5. Bio-Rad Laboratory Company

8.6. Danaher Company (Integrated DNA Technologies Inc)

8.7. Continental Science

8.8. F Hoffmann-La Roche

8.9. Illumina

8.10. Merck

8.11. California Pacific Biosciences Corporation

8.12. Perkinnell

8.13. Siemens Healthineers AG

8.14. Helix Genetics Corporation

8.15. Thermo Fisher Scientific

9. Research method and scope

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