French PVC pipe industry by 2026-focus on rigid and flexible – QNT Press Release


This “French PVC Pipe Market: Industry Trends, Share, Scale, Growth, Opportunities and Forecasts 2021-2026” Report has been added to supply.

According to this report, the market value of French PVC pipes in 2020 will reach US$408 million. Looking ahead, the publisher expects that the French PVC pipe market will show moderate growth in the next five years.

Companies mentioned

  • Aquarium Technology

  • Pipelife France

  • Future pipeline

  • Multi-tube

  • Trundis

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic plastic polymer that can be used in powder form. The material can be stored for a longer period of time because of its resistance to degradation and oxidation. PVC adds a variety of pigments and additives to produce various products, such as household products such as toys and pipes. PVC pipes are durable, recyclable, easy to install, lightweight and have high chemical resistance, so they are increasingly being used to replace metal pipes. In addition, due to their thermal and electrical insulation properties, these pipes are suitable for electrification purposes.

The significant increase in foreign investment in the region has strengthened the construction industry, thereby driving the growth of the French PVC pipe market. In addition, the development of new technologies for pipe manufacturing has enhanced the traditional piping system. These techniques help…

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