Everscale (formerly FreeTON) collaborated with the leading Indian developer group Kerala Blockchain Academy and the Indian Blockchain Center to host the Next Top TON Startup Competition – QNT Press Release

lead Yongbiao (Formerly FreeTON) Blockchain Ecosystem Organization FreeTON DeFi Alliance Has cooperated with two well-known developer groups from India, including Kerala Blockchain Academy with Indian Blockchain Center Involve more teams and individuals Next Top TON start The competition will last until December 6, 2021.

FreeTON DeFi Alliance

Inauguration The next top TON startup Launched with the North American blockchain leader Quanta Capital And its partners returned in September. This unique competition allows blockchain startups to compete with each other, reach global industry leaders and investors, and receive 200K+ TON Crystal as well as grants and other benefits.

In addition to the virtual hackathon, participants also participated in entrepreneurial competitions and accelerator programs to market their innovative solutions to experts representing the FreeTON ecosystem. All competitors are divided into six tracks, including NFT platform, DAO management, enterprise, DeFi ecosystem tools, GameFi and Metaverse.

The winning team and individual will receive 50,000 FreeTON Crystal tokens, and the runner-up will receive 30,000 TON Crystals. The third place winner will receive 20,000 tokens. Participants will get other opportunities, such as incubation and acceleration programs, and virtual meetings with key executives.

“We are very pleased to have Kerala Blockchain Academy and India Blockchain Center as our new partners in the Next Top TON Startup competition. The Everscale (formerly FreeTON) blockchain network is expanding globally and giving new Of talented developers to help redefine our future.”-Michael Gold, co-founder of GDA Capital.

“Everscale (formerly FreeTON) is the only end-to-end decentralized, dynamic multi-threaded, sharded blockchain architecture that can support trustless, global scale by leveraging its on-demand scalability and consensus mechanism The operation of the Internet-level system is very suitable for large-scale adoption.” – Nikita Inshakov, founding member of the FreeTON DeFi Alliance.

Next Top TON Startup follow success GDA Capital The next top blockchain startup The game last summer. More than 600 participants from 65 international universities from 55 different countries gathered together to define the future of the blockchain world.

About FreeTON DeFi Alliance

The FreeTON DeFi Alliance creates the necessary infrastructure to attract and maintain strong teams and projects, attract the liquidity of other projects to FreeTON, and establish partnerships with large companies with a large amount of liquidity and a large number of transactions.

About GF Capital

GDA Capital is a global organization that provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. It is a trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

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