Ethos Asset Management Inc. of the United States announces a deal with Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda. of Brazil to expand the “General Prime Burger” restaurant and develop a new brand in Brazil – QNT Press Release

The partnership provides long-term financing for Meat Alimentos, allowing the business to expand production capacity and launch a new burger chain brand, expanding its existing operations from five stores to 23 by 2023.

American ETHOS Asset Management Company, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda., a successful food retail company with a team of over 16 years of experience in São Paulo, Brazil. Meat Alimentos will implement a range of store types serving all regions of the country with an initial capital investment of $5.76 million.

Ethos President and CEO Carlos Santos “We are delighted to be partnering with Meat Alimentos e Servicos Ltda., an experienced food retailer in Brazil. We are fascinated by the passion and vision of Marcelo Soares da Silva, CEO of Meat Alimentos, with his “General Prime Burger” and in other markets The ambition to launch a new restaurant brand. Mr. Da Silva and his dedicated team have conducted extensive research on the impact of Covid19 on the Brazilian fast food market to develop high-level business plans and implement strategies for new opportunities emerging. New collaborations The partners will support the new brand and will increase the skills and expertise of the leadership and governance teams. We are…

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