Epidemic Sound strengthens the board of directors with former Docusign, Dropbox and Shazam executives – QNT Press Release


  • Former Shazam CEO and Chairman Andrew Fisher will become chairman of the board; Andrew succeeds Vaniya Schloger Who will continue to serve as director

  • Former Salesforce.com and Docusign executive Kirsten Wahlberg And former Google and Dropbox executives Adriana Gormley Appointed as a member of the board of directors in November 2021

  • Oscar Hoglund, CEO and founder of Epidemic Sound, commented on supporting the board of directors to prepare the company for the next chapter of growth

Pop sound Today announced the appointment Andrew Fisher, Former CEO and Chairman of Shazam, serving as Chairman of Epidemic Sound’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.He will succeed Vaniya Schloger Who will continue to remain on the board as a director.

During his tenure as CEO and Chairman of Shazam, Andrew has extensive experience and a good track record in the music technology industry, as well as extensive board experience.Andrew currently serves as chairman Shift right plc is a FTSE 100 index company that has been in Mark and Spencer PLC board of directors since 2015.

Vania Schlogel, founder and managing partner Atwater Capital, An investment company focused on the media and entertainment industries, and the former chairman of Epidemic Voice, said: “Andrew’s relevant experience and deep understanding of the digital economy and the music industry make him an incredible asset for Epidemic Sound and its board of directors…

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