Entertainment lawyers discuss the impact of recent copyright cases on the music industry

Emily Evitt of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp joins the panel to review cases from the past year

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP Partner Emily Everett Will speak in the entertainment lawyers panel California Copyright Conference Look at the impact of recent copyright decisions on the music industry.The panel entitled “Music in Court” will include Freundlich Law partners Michael Kaiser, And the founding principal Kenneth Freundrich As the host. It will be held today via Zoom at 2:30 PM Pacific time.

The team will delve into the background of these recent cases, litigation methods, and the impact of these decisions on future business. In addition, the team will be involved in currently pending cases and their predictions for the future of the music industry.

“One of the main purposes of copyright is to encourage creativity, and many recent court decisions in music cases can be said to do so,” Evit said. “As more and more music cases are filed, issues surrounding infringement and fair use will continue to be the primary consideration of the industry.”

Evitt is an experienced intellectual property litigation lawyer who has worked with record companies, music publishing companies, film and television studios, video game companies, and major online content providers. Her practice focuses on copyright and trademark infringement matters.

Emily Evitt can accept interviews about the broader impact of copyright litigation in the music industry.

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