EdCast, Mercer, NSE Academy, and People Matters jointly released the 2021 Learning Health Index report: Research shows that most companies’ learning ecosystems have a lot of room for improvement


Educational Broadcast Very happy to launch Learning Health Index (LHI) 2021 report. In this flagship study, 124 leading organizations participated in the executive leadership. LHI 2021 Capture key knowledge, current and future trends, best practices and insights related to learning and development.In these unprecedented pandemic and post-pandemic eras, agility has become a key transformation lever and organization Need to adapt to bridge the skills gap in order to achieve skills upgrading and re-skills.

The LHI report provides actionable insights on key bottlenecks and opportunities to drive the L&D community’s efforts to build smart and healthy learning organizations. One of the first findings is the importance of investing in learning as the world of work undergoes further disruption and embraces digitalization.

The report’s average LHI score is 66 (out of 100), revealing shortcomings and opportunities in learning capabilities, including learning systems, skills initiatives, personalization, and the cultural structure of career mobility. In order for the organization to survive, develop and develop, especially after the pandemic, learning and development leaders should pay attention to several fundamental changes.download LHI India 2021 full report is here.

Karl Mehta, CEO and Founder of EdCast said: “This year’s EdCast Learning Health Index survey results reveal very insightful data on corporate learning best practices and gaps in skills-based skills upgrading and retraining programs. “Through our With a talent experience platform and SkillsDNA solution, EdCast is working tirelessly with organizations to improve their learning health and meet their greatest talent development needs outlined in this year’s LHI report. ”

Nishchae Suri, President of EdCast Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, said: “We have witnessed how the epidemic has accelerated the arrival of future jobs, making learning and skills the top priority for learning leaders.” “A finding highlighted by our research shows that 52% In organizations, L&D professionals are not good at meeting the growing demand for them. As skills upgrading and skills retraining are mission-critical priorities, L&D needs to take urgent action and adopt a system-wide approach to build a comprehensive solution to meet the systemic learning challenges in the organization. ”

The main highlights of EdCast LHI study 2021:

  • Although cutting-edge learning tools and technologies are available, organizations are not using technology for learning. Compared to 75% in 2020, more than 65% of organizations have not yet fully adopted technology in their skills programs. This is still an area of ​​weakness and an area of ​​opportunity.

  • Of all the industries included in the report, the Travel and Hospitality industry has the highest Learning Health Index (LHI) at 74. The two industries with the lowest scores were the engineering, construction and utilities industry and the professional services industry, with scores of 61 and 60, respectively.

  • Compared with 68% in 2020, 70% of organizations do not provide sufficient support environment or infrastructure to promote employees to master their own development and cultivate daily learning habits and behaviors.

  • Compared with 91% in 2020, 88% of organizations do not consistently personalize learner journeys to suit learners’ personal goals, preferences, or styles.

  • Mobile-first and “anytime, anywhere” learning have also become top technology trends in 2021, with 64% of organizations already implementing it, and 15% of organizations planning to implement it next year.

  • The future of work lies in learning to become the new job in life. Most organizations recognize that for learning to actually happen, it must be provided in the productivity and business application systems that employees have consistently used to carry out their work. 37% of interviewed organizations are already implementing these integration steps, and 20% plan to implement them next year.

“This year, corporate learning has become more important than ever before, forcing companies to improve their competitiveness. This year’s LHI analysis shows that 69% of companies now have highly consistent training teams and show that the CEO and CHRO are deeply involved,” Josh Said Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Academy Josh Bersing College“In addition to focusing on business consistency and new forms of content, the biggest growth area is focusing on the learner experience. This means that LXP, as an add-on to most learning functions, has now become the central enterprise learning for all learning functions.”


EdCast surveyed 124 organizations in India. LHI is based on a framework based on eight main learning dimensions that contribute to the learning health of the organization. The framework includes a self-assessment tool built from the perspective of HR and L&D practitioners, covering the key aspects of defining a healthy learning organization. LHI is a survey-based tool that enables organizations to benchmark against peers to determine their overall position in the industry and market.

Partners in the study of the Learning Health Index are Mercer, NSE Academy and People Matters.

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