Earth Overload Day quietly returns to July 29


Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Earth Overload Day landing in 2021 July 29, Member Susan Aitken, leader of the Glasgow City Council, Announced today Represents the Global Footprint Network and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

“If we need to remind us that we are in a climate and ecological emergency, it is Earth Overload Day,” she said.

The date is almost as early as 2019, and the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic was temporarily postponed in 2020. The notable drivers are the increase of the carbon footprint by 6.6% over last year and the decrease of the global forest biocapacity by 0.5%. This is largely due to the surge in deforestation in the Amazon. Brazil In 2020 alone, 1.1 million hectares were lost, and deforestation in 2021 is expected to increase by as much as 43% year-on-year.

“As the United Nations Ecosystem Restoration Decade was launched on World Environment Day, June 5These data clearly show that the recovery plan in the post-COVID 19 era can only be successful in the long term if it embraces regeneration and eco-resource efficiency,” said the CEO of Global Footprint Network Laurel Hanskon.

Every year, the Earth Overload Day marks the date when human beings have used all the biological resources regenerated on the earth throughout the year. Humans currently use 74% more resources than the renewable resources of the earth’s ecosystem (or “1.7 earths”). From the Earth overload day to the end of the year, human beings are spending on ecological deficits. According to the National Footprint and Biocapacity Account (NFA) based on the United Nations data set, this expenditure is currently one of the largest since the world entered ecological overruns in the early 1970s.

In 2021, the carbon footprint of transportation will still be lower than before the pandemic.carbon dioxide2 According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), domestic air travel and road transport emissions will be 5% lower than 2019 levels, while international aviation emissions are expected to be 33% lower than 2019.Global energy-related carbon dioxide2 On the other hand, as the economic recovery ignites demand for fossil fuels, emissions are expected to rebound and increase by 4.8% over last year. In particular, global coal use is expected to soar in 2021 and is expected to account for 40% of the total carbon footprint this year.

“Let Earth Overload Day be our call,” said Susan Aitken, The leader of Glasgow City Council. “In November, the eyes of the world will be focused Glasgow, Host COP26, The climate summit needs to make a decision to let our planet have a safer and more sustainable future. Let us put our planet first and let us #MoveTheDate together. “

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