EarlyBirds.io Discusses Decarbonising the Steel Industry – QNT Press Release

Forde, Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Open Innovation Ecosystem Earlybirds.io is excited to announce that they are prepared to help innovators and early adopter organizations tackle the challenge of decarbonizing the steel industry through networking and collaboration. McKinsey reports that steel is one of the most important materials in modern life, as it is used to build everything from buildings, bridges, and fridges to planes, trains, and automobiles. As population grows and more and more of the world catch up to modern era development, some predict that global steel demand could double over the next 30 years.

Unfortunately for a planet that’s already facing the severe impacts of climate change, steel production is also incredibly carbon intensive. This is because the production of steel starts with iron, which already must be heated to high temperatures to be made into the “purified” form that can be used for making things. Steel is formed by infusing carbon into that iron, which again takes a lot of heat and carbon-based fuel. This is generally done using blast furnaces, which can reach nearly three thousand degrees and melt large quantities of iron. Creating that kind of heat is an energy intensive process, and with so much demand for steel, the steel industry creates two billion tons of steel …

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