Davenport provides full scholarships for STEM students to obtain a bachelor’s degree and teaches in a city school – QNT Press Release


In response to the statewide teacher shortage, the School of Urban Education at Davenport University provides new scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in any science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) field. Interested in teaching. Need school district. The National Science Foundation Noyce Scholarship allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate for two years after entering juniors and seniors or earning an associate’s degree.

STEM professionals who are interested in becoming teachers are also eligible for stipend support, and at the same time they complete the Davenport City Education Postgraduate Certificate to obtain a teacher qualification certificate.

Michigan is facing a shortage of teachers. In fact, according to the Michigan Education Association, the number of teacher retirements increased by 40% last year. In addition, one-fifth of Michigan’s new teachers left the industry within the first 5 years of college, and fewer students are pursuing degrees at college.

“Davenport University is committed to adjusting resources and opportunities to cope with the growing number of faculty…

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