Cytonus Therapeutics announced the publication of preclinical results in Nature Biomedical Engineering to support the disease-specific drug delivery capabilities of its new Cargocyte™ platform – QNT Press Release


Cargocytes™ has a unique GPS-like navigation system that can actively receive disease-specific signals within hours of intravenous administration and produce biologically active therapeutic agents in target organs.

Cytonus Therapeutics Inc., a biotechnology company headquartered in the United States, has developed an innovative drug delivery platform technology called Cargocytes, and today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed research paper in a high-impact journal. Natural Biomedical EngineeringStudies have shown that Cargocytes uses a GPS-like cell navigation system for genetic engineering, which can selectively target diseased tissues within a few hours after administration, and produce high-level bioactive therapies within a few days, thereby providing a wide range of treatments The disease provides a new way. A series of difficult-to-treat diseases that require precise drug delivery.

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This figure shows the Cargocyte migrates out of the vasculature (steps 1-3) and penetrates into the diseased tissue (step 4), and then undergoes therapeutic production at the diseased site (step 4). (Illustration: Business Wire)

The results of pre-clinical studies provide further support for…

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