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Keller Williams guest Richard Rector discusses his positive experience working with Cyber​​backers in the new episode of their podcast Cyber​​CEO

In this episode, host Angelo Cruz and MAPS leadership coach Richard Rector urge business owners to start working with Cyber​​backers now to maximize quality of life and productivity

Listen to the conversation between Angelo Cruz and Richard Rector here.

Life-changing decision

“This is probably one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my business career-there was no assistant before,” said Richard Rector, Keller Williams’ MAPS leadership coach. Three years ago, Rector decided to hire his first Cyberbacker, which changed his career trajectory and the balance between his personal life and work life. “I can’t tell you how many holidays I have, I have been calling,” he said. “That’s something I can never get back.”

With the help of Sheila, a network supporter who Rector calls his “partner, his right-hand man”, he was able to find a home in the leadership management field of Keller Williams and manage his multiple businesses at the same time.

Unique partnership

Rector believes that his Cyberbacker is an extension of himself. “I asked her what she thought we should do-I brought her into the conversation.” As a result, Sheila was able to play a leadership role in Rector’s business, handling staffing, personnel and technology development. He said her ability to make key decisions not only saves the principal’s time. This allowed him to expand his business image in ways he had never imagined.

“It really boosts the business I own because I have someone who can be as fast as I am,” Recto said.

At the same time, the principal also realized that he and Sheila have a tendency to work overtime. The principal knows the bandwidth of his partner. “I want to make sure she maintains a good balance,” he said. The close relationship between the two over the past three years has made it possible to communicate frankly. “His trust is something I really value,” Sheila said.

Wise investment

Rector remembers once he felt that no one could invest in his business like him, which meant he did everything himself. In Sheila, he found an online supporter he trusted and admired. “She can do better than me,” he said. He urged business owners not to wait to start working with Cyberbacker.

“How much is your time worth?” he asked. “Think of it as an investment.”

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