Chrysler launched the airflow concept at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show; announced plans for the brand’s first pure electric vehicle by 2025, and an all-electric lineup by 2028 – QNT Press Release

Las Vegas, January 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –

  • Chrysler unveiled the Chrysler airflow concept at CES 2022 Las Vegas, Announced its commitment to launch its first pure electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025, and plans to launch a complete pure electric product portfolio by 2028
  • The iconic American car brand will be at the forefront of Stellatis’ transformative and sustainable mobility technology, making the world cleaner, safer, and more seamless
  • The all-electric Chrysler Airflow concept combines leading drive system technology with intuitive artificial intelligence and connected vehicle technology to provide 350 to 400 miles of range and fast charging
  • The Airflow Concept embodies Chrysler’s new modern and technologically advanced design, with elegant and dynamic contours and LED illuminated Chrysler wing logos, located on the crossover grille/lights, and complements Airflow’s stylish and silent electric driving.
  • Airflow’s seamlessly connected STLA SmartCockpit is supported by STLA Brain, which can expand digital, work and home environments, and simultaneously create a personalized experience for each passenger. The screens can be simplified and grouped according to individual needs and interests
  • The modern and spacious interior space, focusing on the light and calm tones of the panoramic roof, is reminiscent of an open and airy lounge area, providing a comfortable space away from home and work
  • Chrysler Airflow’s STLA Brain platform is fully over-the-air (OTA) capable, designed to quickly provide new and upgraded features and functions, and enhance and improve vehicles over time
  • Chrysler Airflow includes STLA AutoDrive to provide Level 3 autopilot function, and it can also be upgraded through OTA update

The Chrysler brand revealed the Chrysler Airflow concept today Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Let us have a glimpse of leading drive system technology, fully connected customer experience and advanced mobile features, as well as inspiring dynamic design, which will power the future of the Chrysler brand.

Chrysler also announced that the brand’s transformation will include the launch of its first pure electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and a future all-electric Chrysler lineup.

“The Chrysler airflow concept represents the future direction of the Chrysler brand, giving us a glimpse of dynamic design, advanced technology, and seamless connections, which will be the characteristics of the all-electric product portfolio we plan to achieve by 2028,” said Chris Fair, Chrysler brand CEO-Stellatis. “Chrysler is an iconic American car brand with a long history of creating new advanced technologies and product segments. As Stellatis transforms to provide clean mobility and a connected customer experience, our brand will be at the forefront .”

For 96 years, the Chrysler brand has won a reputation for innovative engineering design, groundbreaking style and affordable luxury products. A recent innovation, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, The first and only plug-in hybrid minivan, as a springboard…

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