China Daily series Youth Power invites Gen Zers to bring cultural relics to life – QNT Press Release

BEIJING, July 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To encourage Gen Zers to take a closer look at the history of China and use their wisdom to bring cultural relics to life, the second episode of season two of the China Daily series Youth Power“Chinese Civilization: Generation A meets Generation Z”, was broadcast online on July 30.

In the episode, Gen Zers from China, France and the United States gathered in Henan Museum in Henan province, central Chinato explore treasures handed down by generations past, drawing from them lessons for the contemporary world.

China’s civilization is one of the four greatest civilizations and the only surviving one,” said AlexandreGuery, a French Gen Zer who lives in China. “It gave so many technologies to the world, including gunpowder, printing and paper making.”

One item in the museum that left him full of wonder was an 8,000-year-old bone flute.

The Gen Zers who gathered in the museum said they believed …

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