Bringing Old Back to Bespoke: A Look Inside the Renovation Revival at Lindenow Street – QNT Press Release

Melbourne, May 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For many years now, under the leadership of Jack Stuart, SCC has focused solely on new housing as its staple. The perks of this have been the relatively fast turnover and standardisation of processes, but due to the simplicity and regularity of designs based around cookie cutter principles, the firm has struggled with a lack of creativity in its ventures. This has led SCC to housing renovations, and in so doing, it has moved a considerable amount of investment there , too.

Preceding this strategic shift, Stuart faced a conundrum over many years – should the firm build from scratch or rebuild existing homes? The abundance of home renovation shows on television has led people to believe that renovating is the simpler option. Renovating implies a meeker alternative, but actually, in Stuart’s opinion, renovating is much more than renewing – it’s rebuilding. As any auto enthusiast would know, restoring every single nut and bolt on a car is much harder than buying a new model off the showroom floor. The same could be said of…

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