BLUETTI Launches the Veterans & Military Benefits Program – QNT Press Release

LAS VEGAS, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BLUETTI launches the Veteran & Military Benefits Program for the upcoming Memorial Day— 10% off the EP500/EP500Pro, AC200MAX bundle, AC200P, EB70Sand EB55 for military personnel, whether they are discharged or in service.

Power Outage US reported 1.48million outage hours in 2020, a 73% increase from 2019. The growth has fluctuated yearly, which doesn’t look better in 2022. The EP500/EP500Pro store the same 5,100Wh capacity to keep household essentials running for days. While they’re designed to care for electrical appliances rated below 2000W or 3000W. Once connected to the grid, they will automatically detect power failures and instantly provide backup power for the entire house. Finally, the BLUETTI app allows for remote control and over-the-air(OTA) firmware upgrades.

AC200MAX+B230: All Comes From the Sun.

Solar generator, expansion battery, and …

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