Bishop Curry of HWS Commencement: “God did not put us here to consume oxygen.”

Geneva, New York, June 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/-After a year of delay due to COVID-19, Hobart and William Smith College The class of 2020 graduates returned to campus to participate in a face-to-face ceremony where they heard the most exciting graduation speech. Michael B. Curry, The chief bishop and archbishop of the Anglican Church.

Graduated in 1975 HobartCurry recalled how his father said to him when he was a child: “God did not put us here to consume oxygen.” This line became a touchstone of rhetoric and an instruction to graduates.

After the murder George Freud Last year, Curry saw in young protesters something he had never seen before. He described: “The rise of a generation of young people, more importantly, is that they are the rainbow children of the most ethnic, multi-racial, and diverse God that the United States has ever seen. They—you—stand up and call on the United States: America, Become America. Stand up for freedom and justice. America, become America: a country, indivisible, with freedom and justice, not only for some people, but for all people… America, become that… Then you will Become a gleaming city on the hill.”

Among these goal-driven young people who “show us hope again” and “remind us of faith”, Curry said that he understood what his father meant, “The Lord did not put us here just to consume oxygen. “

Reference mission statement Hobart And William Smith-“Prepare students for life with consequences”-Curry said: “Important life. Important life. Life that is changed for the good. Live for a purpose greater than oneself. For more Live more and life is not simply consumption and acquisition. The Lord put you here, not to consume oxygen.”

Like the greatest generation, Curry told the 2020 class that they “formed and forged in a difficult furnace… As a human being, the most important part of your formation did not happen in the furnace of the Great Depression, but Happened in the melting pot of the pandemic.”

At the graduation ceremony, Curry was awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of his extraordinary life and career as president, which was defined as “a vibrant, inspiring ministry of love that touched the lives of millions of people around the world.” Joyce P. Jacobson Said when the degree was awarded.

Rev. Michael B. Curry, Chief Bishop and Chief Bishop of the Anglican Church, addressed the classes at Hobart College and William Smith College in 2020.

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