Axon Launches Moonshot Goal and Rallies Support to Cut Gun-Related Deaths Between Police and Public by 50% in 10 Years – QNT Press Release

Law enforcement and community leaders join Axon in shared commitment

Axon to fund third-party research on gun-related deaths between police and the public to better track data and inform solutions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Axon (NASDAQ:AXON), the global public safety technology leader, announced this week at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Dallasthat it is joining forces with law enforcement and community leaders in a moonshot goal to cut gun-related deaths between police and the public in half by 2033.

This moonshot goal serves “to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone,” as US President John F. Kennedy put it 60 years ago when he rallied the nation behind a mission to put a human on the moon.

Achievement won’t be measured in miles traveled, but in lives saved. Last year in the US, 1,118 people — 1,054 civilians and 64 officers — lost their lives in gun-related incidents between police and the public, and 2022 is on the same trajectory, according to leading data sources. (1) While these losses reflect a complex set of issues, the impact on families and loved ones, communities, and our country as a whole is felt deeply and daily.

“We are calling on our own employees, leaders of the law enforcement profession, community organizations, technology companies, elected officials and others to support and achieve this goal,” Axon CEO and Founder Rick Smith says. “This is not Axon’s moonshot. This is our moonshot. And we all have a role to play in achieving this goal.”

Recent roundtables and discussions with law enforcement, community and municipal leaders have surfaced broad-based support for this moonshot goal — including the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the African American Mayors Association …

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