AvatarBay Launches Decentralized Community, Bringing Infinite Possibilities for All Creative Minds – QNT Press Release

MELBOURNE, Australia, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, AvatarBay announced the launch of its decentralized community which opens a new era of NFT. In Web2 and a centralized world, most brands and institutions are providers of information, content and products, where they acquire customers through integrated advertising. The relationship between brands and consumers can be defined as “active provision & passive acquisition.” In comparison to Web3, where decentralized systems are within the foundations: innovative ideas, pursuit of ideal egalitarianism and a liberal and democratic DAO system can become an important means of driving business models and changing people’s lives. A brand-new idea of ​​”decentralized community-created projects” began to sprout in the Web3 world in order to flip the centralized systems, providing equitable access to an open and free community.

AvatarBay Decentralized Community Creation Opens a New Era of NFT

The birth of AvatarBay breaks the shackles of the centralized creation of the NFT market. Users can create their own unique NFT in a few seconds or through different templates provided by AvatarBay. Original creators of the NFTs are given a 5.5% royalty of the sale price , each time their NFT artwork is resold on the marketplace; creating a perpetual royalty income of their NFT art work. Many NFTs projects on the …

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