As the number of health-conscious consumers grows, the energy drink market is booming – QNT Press Release

Palm Beach, Florida, November 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Financial News Media Network news comment -Energy drinks are beverages containing stimulant compounds (usually caffeine), which are sold to provide mental and physical stimulation. It may or may not contain carbonic acid, and it may also contain sugar, other sweeteners, herbal extracts, taurine and amino acids. The researched market is segmented by packaging type, distribution channel, and geographic location. After the COVID-19 pandemic began, health clubs and other sports fields in major parts of the world were closed. The government’s move was to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which subsequently affected the sales of energy drinks in the global market in 2020. However, consumers still insist on exercising and perform various exercises in a comfortable environment. Their home has led to a continuous demand for energy drinks. In addition, at the end of 2020, many economies lifted strict lockdown measures, leading to the opening of health clubs and sports clubs, which led to a resurgence in energy drink sales.A sort of report According to Mordor Intelligence, during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026, the compound annual growth rate of the energy drink market is expected to reach 9.12%.The report stated: “The acceleration of urbanization, the increase in disposable income, and the increase in consumer health awareness have increased the demand for non-alcoholic beverages.-Carbonated beverages. Energy drinks are claimed to improve performance, endurance and alertness. It is widely consumed by teenagers. At the same time, long and unstable working hours and the increase in social gatherings are driving Indian consumers to consume energy drinks.” Companies that are active in the market this week include Jinbei Technology (OTCPK: GOGY), Coca-Cola Company (New York Stock Exchange:high), Monster Beverage Company (Nasdaq:MNST), Alkaline Water Company (Nasdaq:Hydropower), Primo Water Company (New York Stock Exchange:Pre-MW) (Toronto Stock Exchange:Pre-MW).

Mordor Intelligence continued: “The acceleration of urbanization, the increase in disposable income, and the growing health awareness of consumers have increased the demand for non-carbonated beverages. Energy drinks are widely used by young people because of their performance, endurance and alertness. Drinking. At the same time, long hours, long working hours and unstable working hours, as well as the increase in social gatherings, are driving the consumption of energy drinks by Indian consumers. In addition, the growth of the number of health-conscious consumers and consumers’ awareness of active lifestyles Increasing improvement and lifestyle-related diseases are motivating healthy consumers to choose healthy and sugar-free beverages. Due to increased promotion and advertising strategies, the energy drink market is expected to grow. Energy drink manufacturers are focusing on expanding them in the following ways The product line introduces new flavors and new categories to encourage frequent consumption and promote the researched market… In addition, product launches can help companies tap the huge growth potential in developing regions. Most manufacturers increase product visibility through advertising and celebrity endorsements. In addition, major sports events are sponsored by energy drink manufacturers.”

Jinbei Technology (OTCPK: GOGY) Breaking news: Former Vice President of Marketing of Celsius Beverages joins Jinbei to support the Beverage Mission- Jinbei Technology Announces Recruitment Irene Hight, Beverage industry experts, as key team members, help advance their mission to advance their evolving beverage product portfolio.

Heit has a good track record, starting to play an important role in marketing at Glaceau Vitaminwater, continuing to FUZE Beverage, another beverage success story, and finally landing on Celsius Vice President of Marketing (Nasdaq stock code:CELH). She has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the beverage business.She will Golden holy grail Take the initiative to assume financial responsibility, while launching strategic marketing to support trade, consumers and investors.

“Now is the time for Beverage Innovation to focus on the beverage business, not just the brand….

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