ArenaSwap: The first BSC-based platform to make yield agriculture interesting – QNT Press Release

New York, July 25, 2021 (Global News Agency)-For a long time, the agricultural income process in the Defi world has proven to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrency investment options today. Many platforms are launched every other day, and each platform promises to provide excellent yield agricultural services, but the final services provided are very similar to those well-known today.

Due to the lack of fun in the Defi world, investors will withdraw from the project once they achieve their target profits and look for other profitable products. But what if there is a platform to provide much-needed profitable activities and exciting fun?

A new innovative, self-sustaining and advanced network is launching yield agricultural services in the encrypted world. This platform, called ArenaSwap, will bring a new twist to the world of cryptocurrency Defi, namely the synchronization of production agriculture and fun.

What is arena exchange?

Arena exchange It is the first Dex project based on the Binance smart chain, combining interesting NFT, gaming and gambling options with income agriculture. The mission of this decentralized trading platform is to provide interactive storytelling and gamification for the world of high-yield agriculture and gambling, thereby providing permanent value-added opportunities for its assets.

This new platform will introduce a large number of gaming, gambling, NFT and yield farming options for complete simplicity and reliability. Let us take a deeper look at the platform, how it works, and the services it provides.

The ArenaSwap network provides a center where investors and users can explore, play, collect and get rewards for just playing. The platform currently uses highly deflationary tokens, NFTs and gaming options to provide services.

A fully deflationary utility token

The platform marks its native token as arena, Which helps provide platform services. The token aims to become digital gold through permanent appreciation.

In addition, the platform is building a reduced supply model in which the number of destroyed tokens is higher than the number of released tokens. Therefore, yield farmers will benefit a lot from this network because the value of the tokens will continue to rise. The deflationary policies formulated include:

  • 3% of the amount collected in the betting pool for each battle is burned
  • In each jackpot, 25% will be burned
  • 85% of the quantity used in the IGO was burned
  • In Pyramid Royale, 15% of the pot is burned
  • In every gladiatorial Odyssey, 80% of the entrance fee is burned
  • 85% of sales are burned when buying loot boxes
  • 75% of the deposit will be used to buy back ARENA tokens for burning

NFT generated token rewards

The network uses NFT and Defi tokens to reward users for participating in games, gambling, or NFT creation in the network. For example, as mentioned earlier, there are two types of gladiators, the big gladiator and the little gladiator.

Major gladiators and NFT

Major gladiators (outstanding or star gladiators) will participate Big platform arena, Each round contains 3 participants, black, red and green team gladiators. A person who bet on the winning gladiator will be randomly selected and win the NFT prize of victory. However, as long as users bet on the winning gladiator, they will…

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