APT Systems announces a milestone in the release of Spera stablecoin to the testnet – QNT Press Release


San Francisco, California, December 17, 2021 (Global News Agency)-from New media line—— APT Systems, Inc. (OTC:Apti), a software development and financial technology company, announced that it has deployed its Spera stablecoin on the testnet as part of its internal testing and quality assurance before releasing Spera on the mainnet for distribution.

Glenda Dowie, founder and CEO of APT Systems, Inc. said: “The release of our Spera stablecoin on the testnet is an important milestone in our development work. In this test phase, we are introducing a third party to conduct independent Security verification.”

Testnet is an alternative blockchain used to verify the functionality of cryptocurrencies. Testnet coins are obviously different from actual coins because they have no value. But their performance can be measured and evaluated before the cryptocurrency is released to the main network, where the actual transaction takes place in a distributed ledger, and the cryptocurrency has real economic value.

Spera is a true stablecoin, which means its market…

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