Alwaleed Philanthropies and the Ministry of Health launched an anti-smoking campaign across the kingdom


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Alwaleed Philanthropies, chaired by His Royal Highness Al Walid Bin Talal Al Shat, The Ministry of Health announced today that they have jointly launched a two-year anti-smoking campaign aimed at smokers and non-smokers across the country. The partnership has already achieved results to address the prevalence and dangers of tobacco use, as it is one of the major public health problems in the United States. Saudi Arabia. The activity is Saudi Arabia As part of its 2030 vision, an ambitious strategic tobacco control plan to reduce smoking rates from 19.8% to 8% and improve the quality of preventive and therapeutic health services.

Comment on partnership, Your Royal Highness Al Walid Bin Talal Al Shat, Chairman Alwaleed Philanthropies said: “We are determined to improve the quality of life of citizens and residents of the entire kingdom and are pleased to work with the Ministry of Health to reduce smoking rates and raise awareness of its harm. Saudi ArabiaThis partnership is very much in line with our commitment to make sustainable philanthropic investments to empower people near and far. “

The first phase of the campaign will target non-smokers, while the second phase will focus on smokers. In addition, in order to identify people who violate government anti-smoking regulations, Alwaleed Philanthropies and the Ministry of Health will guide people to use mobile apps to report and monitor anti-smoking regulations, including smoking in public places, to minors, and on TV channels. Promote smoking or hookah.

According to the World Health Organization, the tobacco use epidemic is one of the world’s major public health challenges, causing more than 7 million deaths each year from smoking-related diseases, of which 70,000 are Saudi citizens[1]. The previous Saudi health information survey showed Saudi Arabia There are 5.5 million smokers, equivalent to 23% of the population of the Kingdom.

Over the past four years, Alwaleed Philanthropies has supported and spent more than US$4 billion In the field of social welfare, more than 1,000 projects have been launched in more than 189 countries, managed by 10 female Saudi members, benefiting more than 1 billion beneficiaries worldwide, regardless of gender, race or religion. Alwaleed Philanthropies works with a range of charitable, government, and educational organizations to eradicate poverty, empower women and youth, develop communities, provide disaster relief, and promote cultural understanding through education. It seeks to build bridges for a more compassionate, tolerant and inclusive world.

[1] WHO EMRO | Combating tobacco use Saudi Arabia: A review of recent initiatives | Volume 26, Issue 7 | EMHJ Volume 26, 2020. html.

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