Aizon launches predictive maintenance solution for the pharmaceutical industry – QNT Press Release

Aizon Asset Health helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech companies optimize the performance of their equipment and other assets through intelligent, real-time monitoring and alerting

Aizon today announced the launch of a new asset monitoring application for drugmakers and biotech companies. Built on Aizon’s GxP compliant AI SaaS platform, Aizon Asset Health provides intelligent historical maintenance analysis, proactively monitoring the condition of critical assets in real-time, identifying potential problems and providing actionable maintenance recommendations to keep equipment running at optimum condition . This data-driven approach to maintenance reduces maintenance costs, eliminates unplanned downtime and optimizes product yield – unlocking the full potential of smart pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Keeping manufacturing assets in efficient working order can be expensive and wasteful. Plan-based maintenance methods often result in unnecessary repairs or replacements of equipment under acceptable operating conditions, or, conversely, catastrophic failure of equipment due to undiagnosed problems. This can lead to production disruptions, lead to product rejections, impact time-to-market and compromise First Time Right, which is ensuring that any procedure is performed the right way the first time and every time. Using advanced analysis and multivariate…

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