Academic HealthPlans, Inc. Identify and resolve data security incidents – QNT Press Release

Texas vines, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Academic HealthPlans, Inc. (“AHP”) announced that it has resolved a data security incident that may lead to unauthorized access to information related to the student health plans it manages.

After the investigation into suspicious activity involving employees’ email accounts was concluded, AHP determined that an email phishing attack against AHP employees could result in unauthorized access to emails and attachments in two employees’ email accounts.

Although no evidence was found during the investigation that any email in the employee’s account was actually obtained or accessed, AHP cannot rule out this possibility.Investigation, AHP concludes June 4, 2021, Determined that the email accounts of two AHP employees had been accessed without authorization due to a phishing incident August 6, 2020 with August 24, 2020And in October…

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