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Drips is paving the way for the world’s most well-known brands to use automated but humanized conversations to convert customers. AC Evans discussed with us how conversational messaging can change the way brands communicate with their clients.

Just listen to AC Evans’ full interview with Adam Torres Mission Matters Business Podcast.

What mission is important to you?

Evans said his mission is to help large companies quickly solve big problems through Drips’ conversational messaging solutions, focusing on critical moments. His entrepreneurial journey began when he attended a vocational school and took a digital design course when he was very young. Although he said he was not an honor student before that, he quickly made strides, won a series of awards and scholarships, and launched his first online business at the age of 18.

What problems do companies face in terms of brand participation?

Evans pointed out that today, big brands are facing the problem of brand engagement, because consumers have everything within reach. Although most companies are trying to establish contact with consumers via e-mail or direct mail, this information is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle around. Companies that use radio and television advertisements are often overlooked because viewers are more interested in the content before and after the advertisement, and may even skip them if given the opportunity.

Similarly, brands that use call centers to contact customers are often overlooked because most people refuse to answer calls from unknown numbers, and all of the above methods are time-consuming for marketers. Evans said that in the end, these ways of reaching consumers led to a significant drop in return on investment.

How does Drips help increase brand engagement?

Drips helps brands establish contact with consumers by communicating, answering questions, and establishing a two-way dialogue that does not consume the most limited resources of marketers: time. Drips holds outbound, asynchronous conversations on a large scale at the most critical moment in the consumer journey. This helps to participate in many ways, from converting new customers to reigniting old revenue channels that may disappear over time.

How did Didi start?

Evans said he saw the gap between brands and consumers and decided to fill it. When a colleague called him to help after pushing a message to follow up the system crash, Evans brought in an API software company whose programming solved the problem. From that experience, the concept of Drips was born, aiming to create a system that can process push messages in a reliable and synchronous manner. The colleague who called Evans over to help was actually Drips’ first customer.

Before Evans was asked to help, the brand hardly converted any potential customers through the messaging process, but once converted, the conversion rate soared to 15%, mainly because Evans used personalized quotes to cultivate relationships with potential potential customers. Due to the large number of inbound messages returned, the system kept crashing, but the hard drive was cleared to provide enough space to keep it running.

Didi gradually revised and perfected its method, designing personalized elements into each text and phone call. Therefore, even the act of arranging or rescheduling a call can happen automatically in a way that feels like a one-to-one human conversation. To date, Drips has helped its customers exchange more than 500 million conversations.

What types of companies/industries can benefit from working with Drips?

Drips handles a variety of service-based businesses, from healthcare, home security and insurance companies to automotive, travel, and hospitality industries. It also works with numerous companies to help them remind consumers about billing and payment issues. It provides an effective solution for companies trying to reach new potential customers while keeping customer acquisition costs low. Evans said that in general, it provides an essential tool for brands that want customers to take some form of action.

What forms of compliance must a company like Drips consider?

Evans pointed out that a large number of regulations must be complied with at the state and federal levels. He suggested that before starting any business, it is important to understand and comply with state and federal laws to avoid harassment or inappropriate behavior, whether it is through push messages or any other means of communicating with customers.

Didi’s road to the future

Evans said that Drips has been self-reliant for a long time and continues to develop its team to become and maintain its position as a market leader.It recently with Blue venture fund with Accel-KKR, A top B2B SaaS investor, Evans said his main goal for Drips is to be the best in every category it contains.

To learn more about Drips, please visit www.drips.com.

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